Media Innovation Platform "Virtual Reality & 360° Video"

Media Innovation Platform

“VR & 360° Video! How virtual is today’s television reality?” hosted by Deutsche TV-Plattform (DTVP) and the Innovation Center for Immersive Imaging Technologies (3IT) took place on November 23, 2016. Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to making it a great success. This event was the first edition of DVTP’s new event series “Media Innovation Platform”.

The day was packed with exciting VR/360° Video demonstrations from various TV companies – such as n-tv, RTL, Sky, Telekom and ZDF – presented on different Head Mounted Displays (HMD). We offered insights into VR storytelling, production, distribution and the VR viewing experience in the form of several interactive workshops with VR producers, authors, directors and technicians.

Looking at all these aspects of VR/360° Video, we discussed the relevance that this technology has for television companies and the media sector: What is already in place today and what is missing to make VR/360° Video a success?

These questions and others were addressed in the workshops, which were based upon several core VR/360° applications. In addition to that participants had the opportunity to explore many more VR/360° Video solutions in the accompanying “mini fair” throughout the day.

Focusing solely on the TV Media Industry, this might have been the most comprehensive VR/360° Video event in Germany to date.

Check out our facebook page and this video to get a visual impression of this event!
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