On 23–24 October 2017 we are happy to welcome you to the 3IT SUMMIT. The event will start off on Monday afternoon with latest news from our partner network and a get-together at the 3IT. The following day the summit will be dedicated to the 3IT projects 3DInMed and M3D.

On Day 1 we want to give you new insights into the challenges, prospects and values of UHD, VR & AR and a sneak peek into the new volumetric video studio at Fraunhofer HHI. The panels will be followed by demos of our 3IT projects 3DinMed and M3D and a get-together for networking and some fun in the evening.

Day 2 will be all about milestones and results of our 3IT projects which are supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Digital stereoscopy for the medical and industrial sector is constantly gaining importance. In July 2015 the project 3DInMed was started. Its goal was to realize research on innovative solutions for further development of 3D in these industries. In collaboration with various partners, the project has achieved notable progress for both fields of application – medical and industrial. Finally coming to an end in fall 2017, we want to share those great results.

Our second running project M3D started in June 2016 and also describes an ongoing collaborated project of different partners, in this case dealing with mobile 3D capturing and 3D printing for industrial applications. After more then one year into the project term first outcomes will be presented at the workshop.

Please take a look at our final program here.

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